What are Teacup Pigs Like as Pets?

They have a projected lifespan of 15-20 years, and are relatively low maintenance pets, requiring roughly the same amount of daily care as a dog.

They are clean and odor free and unlike our dog friends have no fleas. Contrary to what the popular saying "Sweat like a Pig" would lead us to believe, pigs only sweat through their noses.

They shed very little hair, which would make them a favourite.

Teacup pigs are quickly house trained and will use a litter box when indoors. You can train them to do tricks as you would your dog and the bonus is that they cannot bark.

Unlike a new puppy Teacup Pigs are non-destructive, although they will eat any food that they can lay their snouts on.

They are excellent pets for apartment living because of their small size but they must be walked daily.

They should also be taken to an area where they can graze on a daily basis.

Instinctively Teacup Pigs tend to root, or dig with their snouts and you will need a soft piece of dirt reserved for this purpose.

They are low maintenance if properly looked after and should not require more than an annual visit to the vet. Their food intake, if properly rationed, will not cost a fortune.

They are a suitable choice as pets for people with allergies to cats and dogs as very few people show an allergy towards these pigs. This is probably due to the fact that Teacup Pigs have hair and not fur.

They are friendly and affectionate and are said to be more intelligent than dogs, but this is debatable and sure to get a lot of dog-owners backs up. They are fourth in line when it comes to I.Q. with only humans, primates and dolphins/whales having a higher I.Q. than pigs.

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